Tuesday, March 25, 2008

getting Referrals

Today I am listing some links to help you advertise your referral link. I will list only free links but there are others that are out there that you can use as well. These links are for the ones that have a budget or like me cannot afford advertising referral links just on any ad link. I hope these links will help you get referrals. Once I get my 20 referrals I will turn this site into a conga site and will start with the first person who uses my referral link and has a referral link that still needs referral links I will replace my referral link with their link and keep their link on the site until they have contacted me to say that they have received their referrals then the next referral link will be posted and so on. So please help me with my referrals so I can help you get yours. Again My link is the following : http://laptops.freepay.com/?r=43388891

First free link use this to sumit your link to search engines for free:

Second free link use this to get traffic and other tools for your site:
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third link use it to also get your link out there:

use all of the following links to also get traffic to your site for free :

Monday, March 17, 2008

Free computers and electronics Update

I have recently tried this web sited and it now looks real and easy and ligit so easy that in the last day or so I have complete the first two requirements and have not paid any thing out of pocket or used a credit card. You may be wondering how did I do that? Right! I went to this link
http://laptops.freepay.com/?r=43388891 which the numers are different because this is now my referal link I used someone elsed referal link to get the accout which helped them. I did the offer for jamster free ring tones offer. Fill out and signed up for the account with out downloading any thing or pay any thing. After I received credit to my account for the offer I canceled the account with Jamster free ring tones offer. Recomendation do not cancel until you have received credit it takes 1-3 days but I got my in one day it all depends. The next thing after you have received the offer credit start working on referrals you need about 20 depending on which product you want for free, Mine is 20. So now I am working on referals please help me a college student by using my referral address link above. I will give updates on how things are going and once I have completed mine and have proof. I will be willing to help you with yours and walk you through the free and easy way and the way I did it.
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Free computers and electronics

Hey you probably have wondered how people like teenagers and college students and others are getting free stuff . Well I found two websites that claim that they are ligit and one is even been on the news and g4tv as well. Check these web sites out


They both offer free trials and free products.

signup by filling out your email address etc. choose your free item such as a laptop in this case due one of the free offers and refer the amount of freinds that they require and you have your computer or electronic device on your way for free. Please use my referal links above to help me as a college student to achive as well.